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NG15 №134's wheels arrive at Boston Lodge for re-profiling - 9th July 2010.
Photo: Peter Randall.
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NG15 №134's wheels at Boston Lodge awaiting their turn on the wheel lathe.
Photo: Peter Randall.
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The first of the wheelsets being taken into the wheel lathe.
Photo: Peter Randall.
14 Wheels from 134
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The wheel sets are seen outsite Boston Lodge on September 9th 2010 after tyre turning.
Photo: Richard Watson
20140526 071421
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As well as the wheel re-profiling the side thrust bearing needed replacement as they were very worn.The old thrust plates were removed during an earlier working party and a crank-pin is seen here with its new thrust plate having been fitted by the staff at Boston Lodge.
Photo Andie Shaw
20140526 071427
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As well as the crank-pins the wheel axles also needed their side thrust plates renewed. This one has been fitted but as yet needs machining to finish it off.
Photo Andie Shaw
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