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100 0260
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The front of NG15 No. 133's tender frame showing the revised mount for the handbrake column.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
CRW 2369-01
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One job for this weekend was continuing of the preparation of 133's tender frame to take 134's new tender body. This is a temporary measure until we can finish the thorough overhaul and preparation of 134's tender frame.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
CRW 2377-01
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Whilst not the subject of work this weekend this indicates the amount of other work needed - in this case where the Kraus Hemholtz bogie ball activation piviot will be stress tested.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
CRW 2371-01
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The vacent area where preparation has been done ready to re-fit the rear cross stretcher.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
CRW 2374-01
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More refurbishment of the running plate supports with the rear of the frame alignment jig in the foreground.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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