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One of the jobs on the Saturday was trial fitting the the left hand valve.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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A more general view of the left hand cylinder with valve in place. All this is being assembled so as to be able to find the best location for the mechanical lubricator that will be fitted on this side.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Once the left hand valve was in place some of the valve motion followed, the combination leaver and radius arm.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The re-assembled left hand side control arm and ball joint.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Not sure if this has been shown before, however it shows the assembled reverser mechanism.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Another view of the assembled left hand valve gear.
Photo: Laurence Armstron
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Ther rear Krauss-Helmholtz pony truck was having its side control spring unit bolted into place with new bolts.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The rear pont truck also has its side control spring bolted into place. This is leaning alongside the rest of the Krauss-Helmholtz unit on the right.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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