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The left hand valve gear being trial assembled to manufacture the arms for operation of the lubricator.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The left hand valve gear being trial assembled for attachment to the lubricator. The radius arm was also being dimensionally checked and checked for wear.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Having measured the radius arm with wear detected, one of the slots was machined parallel. It will need to be fitted with a new die block.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The mounts for the vacuum pipe were adjusted and permanently fitted.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 0593
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This is the Stones generator we'll be using the loco's lighting systems.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 0589
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The steam turbo end of the Stones generator.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The Stones generator will be overhauled and at this stage it was being internally inspected and the bearing being freed off. It's likely it will need to be fully dismantled to replace the bearings.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 0595
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The is the oustide of the frames where the rear pont truck's side compensation arm ball joint will be fitted. (The two free boltless holes) Before this can be fitted however, the rivet above will need to be hot rivited into place.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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