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Having had our refurbished lubricator used for one of the NGG16 service locomotives our job this weekend was to refurbish another unit.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Some of the cleaned components. The various valves were also checked that they functioned correctly.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Having dismantled the lubricator the components were cleaned and laid out in order ready for reassembly.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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With the components all cleaned they were kept in order so that the unit was reassembled with all the components going back in the same location from whence they came.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The lubricator reassembled and primed with steam oil and ready for testing at pressure.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The refurbished lubricator back with the loco frames.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The lubricator still needs an oil seal fitting in the sight glass so we'll bolt into place next time.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The reason why we weren't allowed to work in the loco shed - re-roofing in progress!
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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