The April 2017 working weekend photos
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IMG 1485
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The refurbished right hand cylinder Snifting Valve refitted.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Most of the cylinder cladding attachment bolts had been sheard off at some point, including some that had been repositioned several times. We therefore started to drill out to their original position. These will be retapped next time.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 1488
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The four refurbished Vacuum By-pass Valves ready to be fitted.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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Four seals ready for fitting the refurbished Vacuum By-pass Valves.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 1487
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The ports on the left hand cylinder for the Vacuum By-pass Valves having their faces cleaned ready to take the refurbished valves.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 1489
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The left hand cylinder showing the refurbished Vacuum By-pass Valves refitted. These still need to have their covers sealed and turned the corrcet way up. It also showes the drilled out caldding attachment holes ready for retapping next time.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 1493
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One of the the refurbished Vacuum By-pass Valves refitted to the right cylinder.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
IMG 1484
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We're also starting to look at what's need to get the tender chasis more mobile and one job needed is to deal with an attack of 'rust moth' in the rear drag box.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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