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The rear pony truck with five of the fitted bolts now tightened into place. The nuts will be fitted with split pins at the next working party.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The completed rear pony truck on the Sunday afternoon.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The cardboard template and the sheet steel cut to size for the cylinder cladding. This end is the underside of the cylinders and the three holes are for the drain cocks. The line marked through these is where the cladding will be split and will therefore need to have a joint there in order to fit it round the drain cocks.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The marked out top end of the cylinder cladding.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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These are the six horizontal face fitted bolts in place - the four on the vertical face (hidden beneath the axle box) are yet to be fitted.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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The front Krauss-Helmholtz pony truck at the end of Sunday showing the fitted bolts tightened into place and two of the centralising unit bolts now with securing split pins.
Photo: Laurence Armstrong
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