The November 2017 working weekend photos
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First job of the weekend was the removal of the wheels from under the tender bogies ready for re-profiling.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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I guess this must be ours then - the 2mm sheet steel waiting for us in the loco shed.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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Marking out ready to cut out the profile.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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And the results of the afternoons work: the two sets of cylinder cladding cut out but still needing their edges tidying up.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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The cladding alongside the cylinder to which it'll be fitted after checking the finer detail of the fit.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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On the Sunday the edges were tidied up and trimmed to the correct size.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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The Krauss-Helmholtz pony truck gleaming in its freshly applied gloss paint.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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The trailing truck after painting.
(Photo: Laurence Armstrong)
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