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Ah... what every (male) railway enthusiast is interested in.....

The NG15 locomotive №134 is from the batch of 5 built in 1952 by Societe Anglo-Franco-Belge with a Works № of 2684. The locomotive has the following 'as built' technical specifications: 

Wheel arrangement 2 - 8 - 2
Overall length 54' 4"
Cylinders - 2  15" x 17"
Driving wheel diameter 2' 10"
Boiler Pressure 171psi
Tractive effort at 85% boiler pressure 18,820 lb
Total heating surface 1028 sq ft
Axle Load 6.7 tons
LocomotiveWeight 36.6 tons
Tender weight 31.2 tons
Tender capacity coal - 5.5 tons 
water - 2860 gallons 

It is likely that the restoration will result in alterations to the tender specifications.

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