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CAD Views and Drawings

Over the years we've had a number of requests for more of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) views and drawings similar to that on the homepage. Where it's appropriate, and where we believe they'll give a good representation of how №134 will look when complete, we'll be happy to share them with you here.

General Views

Below is a general view of the loco and tender. There are no rods or other such items in the view but it does enable a good understanding of how it will look.

A general view of the loco and tender (c) Andie Shaw

Tender Views

As the tender is the main focus of attention with its tank under construction at Brunswick Ironworks, following are a couple of view of how it will look.

A rear view of the tender. (c) Andie Shaw A fireman's end view of the tender. (c) Andie Shaw

The first view is that of the rear of the tender showing the access ladders and how the coal space is arranged and the front of the tender with the various lockers and the coal space access doors and shoveling plate.

The Loco's Rear Dragbox

When the loco was dismantled it was realised that the rear dragbox was very badly corroded to the point of being beyond economical repair. It was therefore subsequently removed (see the various working party reports during 2012 for that activity) and a new all welded construction dragbox is being manufactured. These drawings show some details of the construction.

Cab Floor supports. (c) Andie Shaw Loco dragbox plate details. (c) Andie Shaw

Click drawing for larger image

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