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Shotblasting of the Frames

Shotblasting of the frames took place in the first week of October and the following week saw the frames being painted in a rust inhibiting primer. All the main frames were shotblasted together with the frames for the Krauss Helmholtz and rear pony trucks. The work was completed by contractors Campbell Grindlay Engineering of Llangefni, Anglesey.

The shotblasting was done over a number of days as there were so many nooks and crannies that took time to fully clean. Once the work was complete the frames were left to dry out whilst members of Team Wylfa cleaned away all the grit from off the floor. They also had to replace all the lights in the shed as they had fallen victim to the grit and water!

The shotblasted loco frames The shotblasted loco frames

As mentioned, following being allowed to dry out, the frames were then given a coat of specialist primer. At the next working party in November 2009 it was everyone manning the paint brushes to give the frames a coat of undercoat, Black was used for the externally facing surfaces and red for internal surfaces. This would provide the necessary protection whilst work continued on the loco.

Following shotblasting the frames were then primed. The frames now in undercoat

The gritblasting was significant step forward as it allowed the re-assembly of other components onto the frames as they became available. 

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