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Tyre re-profiling - Sept 2010

The South African 'two-foot' gauge is subtly different to that used on the Welsh Highland Railway, particularly that of the back-to-back dimension ie the distance between the inside of the flange faces. The wheel sets were therefore sent to Boston Lodge, the Ffestiniog Railway's workshops, for re profiling. The wheels are seen below before and after the work. 

The loco wheels at Boston Lodge for reproflling (Photo: Peter Randall) The wheel sets are seen outsite Boston Lodge on September 9th 2010 after tyre turning. (Photo: Richard Watson)

The tender wheelsets will need to follow these at a later date once the best sets are found between №133's and №134's tender bogies. The intention is to match then as best as possible so as not to jeopardise №133's possible return to steam.

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