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Funding the Restoration

The restoration of the locomotive is being funded mainly by voluntary contributions, although the WHRSoc is providing some initial funding to get the project moving. There are also some funds available from the restoration work carried out in 1999/2001 when some donations were made for items such as boiler tubes.  As well as the project being the centre of a Society appeal in 2008 there was also a fund raising event in Caernarfon in August 2009 by the name of Scrap to Steam. This event promoted the locomotive's restoration amongst the local population and whilst falling short of the ambitious target was still a useful fundraising exercise.  This is now followed by the restoration race as highlighted from the link above.

How much will it all cost? Well, due to the need to have some of the work such as boiler work done professionally the estimated cost of the restoration is in the order of:

250,000 to 350,000

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How can you help?

There are many ways in which you can help with funding and one of the easiest, and the one that we believe will give you a great deal of satisfaction, is by sponsoring repair work, manufacturing or components needed. That way it's something you can identify with - and boast about - when you see the engine in service.  Most of the items needed have been put into two categories, 'general'' and 'specific items'. 

The specific items are given a cost and you are invited to take charge of funding one, or more, of these items. To do so you can make a one of donation to the value required or alternatively you can decide to fund the item over a period of time, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years for example, and make regular monthly contributions.  

The general items have then been broken down further in smaller cost 'units' to bring the value into  reach of most people. In this case you can decide whether to buy just the one unit or multiple units. As with the specific items you can then decide to 'buy' them all at once or as a monthly contribution over a number of years. 

When selecting your chosen item please try and keep in mind the order in which such items will be needed by the restoration team.  Items such as axleboxes, tyre turning and paint for example are going to be needed in the first year or so. Having said that please don't let us stop you from contributing in the manner that you desire. 

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As a reward.....

Those who donate 500 or more in total will be invited to a Sponsors Day in which the locomotive will be available to be inspected, photographed, perform run pasts and a demonstration run over the line. Donations of 1000 or more in total entitles you, in addition to that above, to a seat on the first public passenger train and a memento of the Loco. 

And a final word......

Please remember that if you are a UK taxpayer, and have not completed one before on behalf of the WHR Society, could you please complete the Gift Aid Declaration Form on the respective 'general' or 'specific' items form. If you are simply sending in a donation then could you please complete this

Gift Aid Declaration Form

In both cases it will give the society chance to increase your contribution by reclaiming the income tax.

Please mark your envelope NG15-134. All amounts large or small will be very welcome and will be made full use of.

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