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How YOU can help the restoration

The restoration of the locomotive is being undertaken mainly by volunteer labour, however where appropriate, use will also be made of professional labour. Unfortunately it means that where professional labour is used it costs money. 

So there are two ways of helping,  to volunteer physically or by financial assistance.

To help with the latter please see the 'Funding' page as linked too above. All forms of funding are welcome, regardless of whether small or large, so please consider that as an option.

As a volunteer there are again a number of ways you can help. The most obvious one is to join in on one (or preferably quite a few) of the regular working parties. If you are unable to help with visits then please consider a 'homework project'. There will be many of these  both small and large and both skilled and unskilled. Restoring a steam locomotive involves much cleaning, painting and polishing, a task available to anyone.  

The picture above shows the volunteers at Dinas for the
working weekend of 17th & 18th January 2008

Check out the next working party date and come along, but please let us know first - See the 'Contacts' page above for details, Andie will be glad to hear from you. If you can help with any other tasks then Andie will again be eager to hear from you to find out how you can help. 

We look forward to you joining in.  

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