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Summary of Progress to Date

Initially the loco was fully dismantled and was resident in the 'Clip Shed' at Dinas. This was where much of the restoration activity was concentrated in the first stages of the restoration. Here most of the components had been removed and inspected where required, with many of those having now been refurbished. The main frames were shot blasted and painted and major components such as frame stretchers and dragboxes either repaired or replaced. The cylinders have been re-aligned by re-boring them in-situ.

The boiler for №134  is currently outside in the North Yard as can be seen in the photographs below (although it has since been moved since they were taken).  The tubes have been removed and the boiler barrel and firebox thoroughly inspected for assessment of the work needed.  Further work on the boiler will be progressed at an appropriate stage when funds become available.

At one point we concentrated on the tender as funding had been made available for the construction of a new body with the original being life expired. The new tank was duly delivered in April 2012 and currently resides on NG15 №133's chassis whilst our own is still being refurbished.

Front view of 134's boiler at Dinas Rear view of 134's boiler at Dinas Inside 134's firebox with tubes removed

134's boiler at Dinas in January 2009 (left & centre) and the firebox interior with plate thickness marked in chalk (right).

In late 2013 the loco frames were moved to the main Loco Shed at Dinas where the restoration now continues in much more convenient surroundings . The vast majority of the work is now the pleasing task of re-attaching/re-assembling the refurbished components such as brake and suspension components, together with other tasks such as adding lubrication pipe-runs and painting - in fact generally putting it back together.  

There was a hope to re-wheel the loco at annual 'Superpower' gala event in September 2014, however, due to a number of problems  this had to be aborted. The aim now is to re-wheel onto the driving wheels in early 2015, hopefully at the March or April working parties. 

The new coil springs for the Pony trucks' side compensation units. (Photo: Andie Shaw) A pair of the new leaf springs. (Photo: Andie Shaw)

A selection of our new springs. The pony truck compensation springs (left) and a pair of the driving wheel leaf springs. (right).

This was greatly assisted by the arrival of all our new springs in February 2015 as seen above. Once on its wheels it will enable the final fitting into place of many of the other components. From thence onward we work our way up!

For those wanting to help, working parties are held monthly at Dinas. See the Working Party Dates page for details of when №134 is being worked on and how to get involved.

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