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Funding the Restoration
General items for sponsorship

The following table gives a list of the large and grouped items required for the Locomotive and Tender that have been grouped into the 'general' items category. The items have been broken down into a number of 'units', especially important for the higher value items as it brings the unit value into the reach of most people. 

It's then simply a case of deciding which item interests you and how many units you wish to sponsor. You can even pick a number of units from a selection of different items if you wish.

Not everyone will feel that they are able to make a single payment up front, so for those who wish to spread out the sponsorship load there are facilities available to be able take out a subscription for a set period of your choice. This does not prevent those who do want to make a single payment as that option is also available. 

Full details of the 'general' items and how to sponsor them are available on the downloadable form at the foot of the page.

General Appeal Items
Item Total Cost   Target Number of Units Value of Each Unit
Boiler Work 80,000   80 1,000
Copper Pipe Work 25,000   25 1,000
4 New Loco Truck Axleboxes 10,000   20 500
Tyre Turning Engine & Tender 5,000   20 250
20 Springs 4,000   40 100
Paint 4,000   40 100
Boiler Cladding 3,000   30 100
New Tender Drag Box 2,500   25 100
Loco Frame Repairs 1,500   15 100
Tender Axlebox Modifications 1,000   20 50
New Tender Draw Gear 1,000   20 50
Tender Break Gear Overhaul 1,000   20 50
Loco Break Gear Overhaul 1,000   20 50
New Fire Grate 1,000   20 50
Rocking Grate Motor 1,000   20 50
New Fire Grate Mechanism 500   10 50
Brick Arch 500   10 50
Stainless Steel Handrails 350   7 50
Cab Floor 200   4 50
Total 142,550      
Contingencies 50,000      

 * = Item already sponsored

Download the 
General items sponsorship form

All amounts large or small will be very welcome and will be made full use of.

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