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An introduction to the restoration process

The locomotive is being restored to working order at the Welsh Highland Railway's Dinas works. It is expected to be in the order of a 5 year restoration process with much of the work being conducted by volunteers. The Project is under the auspices of the Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Eryri on behalf of the Ffestiniog Railway Company. 

We are very fortunate compared with a lot of other steam locomotive restorations to be able to conduct much of the work under cover with both the loco and tender chassis now in dry conditions.

A core working group has been set up to mange the restoration and this team reports into both to the Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Eryri as instigators of the work and The Ffestiniog Railway Board as owners of the locomotive. The work is being managed by Peter Randall and Andie Shaw to whom any offers of help should be addressed in the first instance. Details on the contacts page. Funding is being coordinated by Rob Merrick to whom offers of help should be addressed. Please see the Funding page for more details. 

As well as the main restoration group and working parties there is also the occasional midweek evening working party run by Team Wylfa. This group meets each Tuesday evening at Dinas and their primary task is the upkeep and day to day maintenance of the Welsh Highland Railway carriage fleet. However on some evenings, especially during the peak timetable, the carriage fleet is not available as it is out on the line so this gives the team chance to help out with other jobs and in our case with №134. If you wish to help please contact Clive Briscoe - details on the Contacts page

Our aim? To turn something this:

NG15 №133 at Dinas and very representative of the condition
№134 was in when work started at the end of the 1990s.

Into something like this:

NG15 №17 in service on the Sandstone Estate in South Africa.

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