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2008 Archived Working Party Reports

15th & 16th November 2008

This weekend saw much more in the way of examination of the main frames and wheelsets. This was to be able to formulate the best course of action and also to plan for the removal of the wheels on the next working party. 

A full stock take took place on all the components to ensure nothing has 'walked' since it's removal.

Finally the pony truck and tender axle boxes were examined and measured up to study whether it was practical to fit roller bearings.

There are a selection of photographs from the weekend courtesy of Steve Holland. These are located on their own page in the Gallery.

25th & 26th October 2008

This was the fist working party since the recommencement of restoration was announced. This first weekend, and quite likely the one after would spent in preparation for the task ahead. 

The Saturday was spent tidying up the Clip Shed and ‘uncovering’ the various bit of the loco. Not a very glamorous task but nevertheless an important job to give us plenty of tidy room in which to work. We were very appreciative for Clive Briscoe's help in guiding us through to where everything was stored.

This left the Sunday to be able to jack the frames to remove the springs. These will be sent away for refurbishment or replacement as deemed necessary. It also gave an opportunity to view the frames from underneath so as to plan the best way forward

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